Bag Grow Instructions

“Living soil is biologically active soil that can be reused perpetually, and is fed with raw plant, animal, and/or mineral nutrients.”

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Bud Bag

What’s inside?

  • Living Soil Mix
  • Alfalfa Meal (Mulch)
  • Diatomaceous Earth (Pesticide)
  • Worm Wee (Soil Feed)
  • Jiffy Pellet Mycorrhizae
  • 1 x Auto feminised seed on us!

“Everything you need to grow healthy, tasty bud all-in-one bag!”


  • Empty your Living Soil into your grow bag.
  • Water in 1 Litre of dilute Worm Wee feed onto your soil and leave it to settle while germinating.


  • Soak your seed in water for 12 to 24 hours, until seed pops.
  • Soak your Jiffy pellet with lukewarm water, pour out any excess water.
  • Place your seed in the Jiffy Pellet.
  • When the roots have grown through the wall of the Jiffy pellet your plant is ready for your bag.


  • Once your seed has germinated and the first true leaves are showing it is time to transplant.
  • With your hands, make a small well in your soil in the middle of the bag.
  • Sprinkle your Mycorrhizae inside the well you have just made.
  • Place your seedling and Jiffy pellet into the well and cover.


Once you have transplanted your seedling and things are looking up, add your Alfalfa meal as a mulch over the surface of your soil. Then soak with a diluted Worm Wee feed for best results!


  1. DO NOT over water your plant. Make sure your soil is kept moist and wet.
  2. Feed with a diluted formula of worm wee or compost tea ONLY!
  3. DO NOT use chemical fertilisers or chemical pesticides as this will effect your living soil.

Helpful Tips!

  • * Feed the soil not (just) the plant.
  • * Inspect plants every 3 days for pests.
  • * Manually remove threats where possible

Check out our website for some probiotic tea recipes!


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